Born in 1981 in Pau in a family of athletes, Thibaut found a passion for the little white ball and club at a very early age.

As a sensitive young boy, he was very soon at ease in this discipline.

At an early stage he joined the Pau Golf Club team where his brother was already a pillar of the club team.

Over the years, he has gained extensive experience on all of the courses of southwestern France .

At 14, as a worthy representative of his club, Thibaut started the championships of France and integrated a golf sports-study program near Bordeaux.

Very attached to the Basque coast, he is not restricted to the exercise of a single sport. He loves to get up early in the morning to surf the waves off the Sainte-Barbe point at Saint Jean de Luz.

He has always preferred the spirit of sharing and exchange conveyed by surfing over competition at any price. "To take pleasure in playing the game is the best way to reach the highest level" he likes to say whenever he has the opportunity.

While pursuing his studies in Bordeaux Management, Thibaut took advantage of the opportunities available to him to combine his passion for his studies and his work. He spent six months at St Andrews Old Course Hotel Spa, taking advantage of the opportunity to work his swing on the oldest golf course in the world. He met there many players such as Gary Player and Andrew Coltard.  

Strengthened by this Scottish experience and hardly returned to France, he went to work at Killarney in Ireland.

There, sympathizing with the members of the club, he was able to share his knowledge and experience with them, but also, of course, to learn from the older players there.

In 2007, having graduated with a license in management, Thibaut joined the Esery team as a sports official.

There he organises numerous sporting events and manages the training of young talents of the Club.

During competitions, he takes on the role of junior captain.

He is responsible for coaching and briefing team members during competitions, and explaining the difficulties of the course.

He assists in training and provides the debriefing.

This experience has confirmed his impression that technique alone is not enough, as it lacks the development of a real mental approach to the exercise of golf. In September 2015, Thibaut obtained the JEPS golf diploma from the center of the French Golf Federation (Saint Quentin en Yvelines - Golf National).


Over the years Thibaut has acquired a comprehensive expertise of the playing of golf.

He will assist your learning of the game by bringing you indispensable theoretical and practical knowledge.

He will be able to provide you with the personalized technical advice necessary for the improvement of your short and long game.

He will will be able to teach you how to prepare a strategic approach to a course and to manage all aspects of the competition.