Dear golfers,  


Our favorite sport is experiencing a revolution due to digital technology.

Many tools now allow us to have access to accurate and immediate information from our homes to the course allowing us to facilitate our game a little more.  

But golf is not just about technology.


Golf, in my opinion, is a matter of feeling - the ability to feel things, to process accessible information and execute the perfect shot in any imposed conditions.  


Digital tools will never replace the perception of the golfer.   In my own conception of golf, everyone can acquire the necessary intuition to master the sport.

Just as with digital technology, technique alone is insufficient.


The good player is not just the one who masters the technique, but one that also controls his own mind and has a feeling for external conditions.  


It is now almost 30 years that I have been practicing this sport at a high level and I'm still learning about myself today.  


What I love about today’s game is the sharing of the indescribable sensations and feelings that contribute in getting the ball to the foot of the flagstick.  


We will, I am sure, have the opportunity to come together on the course to share our passion for the game in a friendly atmosphere and I hope to enable you to experience that magic moment where golf is not only a question of technique, but also that of sensation.  


Yours Golfingly,


Thibaut de Stampa          

Thibaut de Stampa

Enseignant au Golf Club d'Ésery

Membre PGA France