With his versatility and technical expertise, Thibaut offers a variety of coaching sessions designed to suit your own needs.


Individual session or driving range duo / putting: Beginner, confirmed expert. Duration: 30min-1hr. This formula is the basis of golf instruction. It will allow you to work your swing technique and short game (for non-members, The formula does not include the charge for the driving range cards.


9 hole course "Champs des Combes" Level confirmed expert. Duration: 1:30.

As a preferred learning approach, this formula will allow you to quickly acquire golf reflexes needed outside the driving range and the comfort zone. During this session you will work not only on technical methods but also strategy for the course. (For non-members, the formula takes into account the supplementary instructional fees).


6 hole course "Sacconay" handicap maximum level 30.4. Duration: 1:30.

This formula takes place on a demanding course. It allows to prepare the competition both on the technical and strategic side as well as the emotional side. In this session, the completion of the course is preceded by a briefing and followed by a debriefing to allow you to set your goals and take stock of those that were achieved and those that were not.

10hr Package: Beginners, confirmed expert.

This formula is designed to work with long-term goal in view. It takes place in two stages. The first hour aims to take stock of your level and identify areas for improvement. On this basis, a work program will be customized, detailing exercises and formulas to be carried out over the following 9:00hrs. (For non-members, the formula takes into account the supplementary instructional fees).


Golf Initiation: Beginner level. Time: depending on the application.

Family or business groups, this formula is intended to encourage players to take their first steps in this sport of ski